Blaster Tank – Bare


Start your blasting job with the Bare Texas Blaster assembly and build your blaster unit to match your job specific needs.



Texas Blasters are pressure pot style blasters, made from 12 gauge rolled steel, are 14″ in diameter, 35″ in height sitting on its wheels, and have a media capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. Tanks are designed with a funnel system, utilizing a pull-up style closure, that can be removed to aid in changing media. Assembly weighs 65lbs (not including hoses, accessories, or media), are mounted on 10″ solid rubber wheels for easy transportation, and are finished in a durable powder coat. Texas Blaster’s steel tanks are made right here in Texas and designed to last a lifetime.

The Texas Blaster Bare will require a Working Blast Hose and a Nozzle.

Refer to the Compressor Nozzle Match chart for nozzle selection.

Check out the Texas Blaster Ultimate Unit for a complete unit with everything you need to get blasting.


Texas Blaster Unit specific Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a quick question about the Texas Blaster Units? Then this the place to look. Not seeing what you’re after. Then there are lots more places to look. Start with the Resources Menu at the top of the page. As always don’t hesitate to email, text or call.

I want to buy a media blaster to: fill in the blank. What do I need?
Easy one. A Texas Blaster! Seriously though, the very best place to start is Blast School 101. It’s loaded with info to help the novice and pro alike.

Will my compressor run the Texas Blaster?
Yes.  What size nozzle you may use is dependent upon the air compressor’s CFM output. Please refer to our Compressor Nozzle Match page for more information.

Can you tell me how many CFM my compressor makes?
No. We don’t sell air compressors and we can’t keep track of a zillion different makes and models. However, this information can usually be found on your compressor label, in the user documentation, or by contacting the manufacture via phone or internet.

Does the blast tank come in different sizes?
No, the tanks for all units are the same size: 1.5 cubic feet. They hold approximately 150 lbs of sand. Other media may vary.

If I put sand in my Texas Blaster, can I change to Soda later?
Absolutely! Change media as often as you want. This makes Texas Blaster a truly versatile tool.

What size nozzle do I need?
Please refer to our Compressor Nozzle Match page for more information.

How long do nozzles last before needing replacing?
Boron Carbide nozzles (those included with the blast units) last approximately 500 hours with sand/slag. However; this number can vary considerably with pressure, media choice, and operating conditions.

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