Nozzles – Boron


3/4″ Boron Carbide Blast Nozzle


All nozzles are 36mm in length, made of boron carbide, and encased in an aluminum jacket.  Nozzles are straight bore offering a longer life expectancy.  According to the nozzle manufacturer, nozzles can be expected to last 800-900 hours for steel shot, 400-500 hours for sand, and 100 hours for Aluminum Oxide.

Need help determining what size nozzle you need?  The Compressor Nozzle Match will help aid you in your selection.


Texas Blaster Nozzle specific Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a quick question about nozzles? Then this the place to look. Not seeing what you’re after. Then there are lots more places to look. Start with the Resources Menu at the top of the page. As always don’t hesitate to email, text or call.

What size nozzle do I need?
Please refer to our Compressor Nozzle Match page for more information.

What size nozzle will my compressor run?
Please refer to our Compressor Nozzle Match page for more information.

Will this nozzle shoot fill in the blank media?
Our nozzles work with all popular medias. It is important to use a nozzle sized for your media choice. Large media requires large nozzles to work well. Many media manufacturers have recommended nozzle sizes for their media. You can generally contact the manufacture of your media via phone or internet and they should be able to tell you.

Can I use a nozzle you don’t sell?
Yes.  Specialized nozzles can be used with Texas Blasters.  The only requirement is the nozzle must be either 3/4″ NPS or 1-1/4 NPS.

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