We think the Texas Blaster is a pretty awesome tool, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what you have to say, and some of your great projects!


A Nice Tool

Pictures say it all.

This is after the Texas Blaster.  It was really good.  A very nice tool to have to complete this job.
Thank you and thank you for your products.  I am pleased.

October 29, 2018
VW Restoration using a 3/32″ nozzle with soda and sand


It’s a Beast

I will say that once this blaster is dialed in it’s a “BEAST”.

Its done a good job.
From start to finish, the Texas Blaster worked great.  Thanks!

Bryan R.
May 26, 2018
97 and 2000 TJ Jeep Frame Restoration


Simple Yet Robust

Howdy Texas!

We received our new Texas Blaster today at Shaw Classic Auto Works. We put the blaster to work immediately on a 1969 Mach1 Mustang we are restoring for a customer.

The thing is a beast! We love it!

Our old Chaina made tinker toy blaster is going out with the next load of scrap meatal which is leaving later today.

Thanks for such a robust and simple machine, we have lots of projects lined up for it.

Dave Shaw
June 24, 2015


Worth More than I Paid

This week I took delivery of a Texas Blaster at Dynamix Auto Repair in Lakewood New Jersy and when I assembled the unit and tested it the performance far surpassed my expectations.

It is quick, very very quick. I tried to have everything ready to include having a dedicated 1/2″ supply hose for the unit.

I would describe my skill level as advanced intermediate with an aggregate total time spent sand blasting of between eighty and 100 hours in preparation for welding and bodywork in my business.

The construction of the unit is excellent with first class materials used througout. I can now do in minutes jobs that formally required hours for me to do.



Fine Product


Thank you for a fine product. I received my unit last week in good condition. Assembling the unit was straight forward. After a bit of trial and error regarding the sequencing of getting started and shutting it down, it worked beautifully. I’m very pleased! I did eliminate the shut offf valve (you said it was optional in the instructions) at the end of the hose, electing to have an empty hose every time  I begin makes the operations much smoother. I perfer the simplicity and not having to remember evon one more step in the process. It likely and age thing. Ha Ha. So, once again, from start to finish, I appreciate the service; the prompt delivery and most of all the fine product you make.

Mike Hill
Denning, WA


Best Small Blaster

Dear TexasBlaster,

A couple of months ago I bought a sandblaster from y’all. I just got it in operationthis week and I want to tell you it is te best small blaster around.

I was tollaly surprised on how well it works.

I am completely satisfied with it and hope to do future business with you

Thank you,

Bill Ragsdale


Keep it Up!

I received my blaster today and wanted to tell you thanks for building a quality product.
I’m sick of “made in China” juck and I am very impressed with the Texas Blaster.
I love the simple yet rugged engineering and quality construction.
I received the item in two days!
Keep up the great work!
God Bless America!



Log Home


I bought your product to blast my log home and get ready for new stain. No joke, this think worked, did not get clogged once… you read that right, not once.


Brian Boudreau


Provides Support

The blaster I purchased works great. The blaster lived up to everything I read about it before I purchased it. It’s nice to deal with a company that you can call and talk to someone that can answer your questions, knows the product and provides support. Good resource for newbies.

It’s great to see the “Made in America” label.

Thank You,

Dave Welsing
Denmark, WI


Does a Great Job

I can say for a fact, this little blaster does a great job.
Better blasting, less time, with less sand, it doesn’t clog often at all, and I do “NOT” have to replace nozzles every hour !!

Wonderful little blaster.


Richard Skinner


Awesome Machine

This past weekend I used the Texas Blaster I purchased several weeks ago. Awesome little machine. Why would anyone want anything bigger or smaller? You got money you want to throw away, get something else. You want to make your money work hard for you? Get a Texas Blaster. Used Bicarb first, it will do bicarb and then some. If it can do Bicarb it can do anything. Thanks for a great machine and a fabulout product.

Eddie Williams
Murfreesboro TN


See it in action!


I bought a Texas Blaster and love it! It worked like a charm to refinish my cabin. Thought you might want to check out a video of me in action.

Nathan Sparrow
Project Manager/Estimator
Consolidated Enterprises, Inc
Anchorage, AK


Industrial Grade


When we added your blaster to our blaster inventory – truthfully, I did not think that an industrial-grade blast machine could be bought for under a thousand dollars. Well, I have to tell you, I was wrong. Your blast machine will keep up with any of our bigger more expensive units all – day – long!

We are very happy sailors.

Thank you,

Steven Shellin, Cmrd. U.S.N.


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