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Buy a Texas Blaster for Only $799

The Original Texas Blaster 150 lb pressurized media blaster. Established and built in Texas since 1963. We’ve been building and using the Texas Blaster for over 55 years. That’s 55 years to perfect a quality industrial blaster. No where else can you get the best industrial blaster for under $1000.

When you buy a Texas Blaster you get:

  • Industrial grade 3/4″ blast hose – not found on any other blasters in this price range
  • Boron Carbide blast nozzleslife expectancy of  500 hours, 100 times more than ceramic nozzles
  • Heavy duty 12 gauge tank with integrated funnel – Built right here in Rockport, Texas
  • Wye fitting at the grit valve – improves air flow and media suspension
  • Best in the business customer support – always talk to the owners Jessica and Chad Lindig
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Texas Blaster are not job specific. Using a Texas Blaster you can:

  • Save time & energy – Hand sanding, polishing, resurfacing is time consuming, hard work
  • Save money – Texas Blaster does the job of grinders, sanders, polishers, and any other surface prep tool
  • Work every imaginable surface – wood, steel, aluminum, stone, concrete, tile, fiberglass, you name it
  • Restore, renovate, refinish – tractors, cars, boats, cabins, swimming pools, bicycles, horse drawn carriages, chicken coops, or anything else
  • Use any media  – soda to steel shot and everything in between

Write this down! Blasters do not require air to work. Nozzles require air. Small nozzles require Small Air – Big nozzles require Big Air. Most compressor making 11 CFM will work.

Bare Tank

Build your own unit

What’s the take away? We are a 55 PLUS year old company offering quality, value, and great customer service. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what other folks had to say:

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We’ve been reviewed by users on YouTube, The Garage Journal Board, TractorByNet, Powder365 and Jalopyjournal.

We know the more you do your research and compare, the more certain we are you will realize that the Texas Blaster is a better tool, a better value, a better blaster.

Texas Blaster are always in stock and ready to ship. ORDER TODAY!

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