Compressor Nozzle Match

What size nozzle do I need?

The nozzle determines how large media you can use, and how much work you can do in a given period of time.

There are two main determining factors when selecting a nozzle.   First and foremost the amount CFMs (cubic feet per minute) your air compressor will produce.  Secondly, the size of the media. Media come in a wide range of sizes. Media manufacture will be able to offer grit and nozzle size recommendations to suit your application.

Using the chart below as a reference guide, you can determine which nozzle your air compressor will handle.  Once you determined the nozzle size, you can then select a media to match the diameter of the nozzle opening (nozzle size).

*A note about the Compressor Nozzle Match Table: The table provides a generalized guide for matching compressors and nozzles. While it is fairly reliable, it is NOT set in stone. There are just too many variables: media choice, compressor hose length, blast hose length, environmental conditions, and the actual compressor CFM. It’s always a good idea to have more airflow (CFM) than recommended, extra is better.

For more information on nozzles, their function and selection, check out the Nozzle section in Blast School 101.

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