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The Makings of a Texas Blaster

So you are looking at a purchasing a Texas Blaster and wondering what makes it better than the others. Right? Well, the answer is one word: Simplicity.

Texas Blaster is a simple tool designed to complete a simple task. Remove material from places you don’t want it.

Texas Blaster is quick to set up, easy to use, and requires virtually no maintenance. Fill it with media, it can use just about anything. Hook it up to an air source, most compressors from 14CFM and up will work. Open the valves, and start blasting. That’s it. No batteries, no hidden extras, no surprises.

Texas Blaster is made with the user in mind. While the Texas Blaster tank is made especially to our specifications, the remaining parts are standard hardware store purchases. Being built with a minimal amount of parts and features keeps the unit reliable and prices low. In short, a great value in a media blaster.